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Atelier RZLBD is a boutique art & architecture practice based in Toronto founded by artist & architect Reza Aliabadi (OAA, MRAIC); whose work extends to making arts, crafting objects, designing buildings, curating installations, and publishing a zine called rzlbdPOST.

The practice is not just an ordinary operation that serves, rather like a positive virus, it contributes, communicates, challenges, and adapts itself to the needs of each project and its context. The portfolio has been distinguished with numerous accolades; exhibited in many venues; and celebrated in more than 100 print publications.

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Atelier RZLBD 220 Duncan Mill Road, # 617 Toronto, ON. M3B 3J5 Canada


James Chungwon Park, Raisa Nekhaeva, Kiera Hughston, Arman Azar, Sebastien Beauregard, Aziza Asat, Bahar Joshan & Khatoon who is a Peregrine Falcon who lives and works at the atelier’s windowsill.


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Archives (always in progress)

Project Name Year
AK Care Clinic 2020
AK Care Logotype 2020
Gazing House 2019
Mask House 2019
Twosome House 2019
100 Chapels 2019
Benga Secondary School 2019
Fun House 2018
Ebenos House 2018
Centepide Fashion Hub 2018
Baghdad Design Centre 2018
Only One Sky 2018
R-13 Numerics 2018
R-08 Modular Bench 2018
R-07 Console Table 2018
R-06 Bench 2018
Mesa Mosque 2018
Seesaw 2018
Terraced Condos 2018
Flipped House 2017
Swan 2017
(Re)creation 2017
Aperture 2017
RZLBD Atelier 2 2017
Gnomon 2017
Un(a)like Cabins 2017
Open Cube 2017
Opposite House 2016
Instar House 2016
MALI Museum 2016
Old’s Cool 2016
Bowtie 2016
Thorax House 2015
PPE Logotype 2015
+ve Virus 2015
Yellowtail Office 2014
Totem House 2013
Tetris House 2013
RZLBD Atelier 1 2012
Whale House 2012
R-01 Chair 2012
Patio House 2012
Gallery House 2012
Bowtie 2012
5/6 House 2011
Charcoal House 2010
Shaft House 2010
63 ̊ House 2009